Thursday, November 13, 2008


Aussie and I had this serious conversation last night about how we're serious about each other and we want it to work and we should slow down, not have sex, and not spend a lot of money on each other for Christmas.

Good? Great.


I'm the type - u tell me no, I want to make u say yes.
You say here's the line. Oh, I'm crossing it!

I made the rule! I wanna break it. I start thinking of shit and I'm telling him.

Like, babe, I'm gonna meet u at the door with a bra and panties on. Fall to my knees and yadda yadda yadda'ing. You can have me anytime, any place.

He's like...I gotta be strong for the both of us.

He was off. He met me for lunch.

We kissed. He left.

We text. He asks if he can come over. We agreed to only meeting in public places as my house is a danger zone.

I say sure. I'll make spaghetti.

He corrects himself. No. If I go, its're gonna be in shorts and a wifebeater or some sexy no no.

I start trying to convince him

I can't.

I talk with Gi after work for 3 hours. That conversation - whew.

I come home. I'm laying in my cold bed just....thinking. Wanting him here.

I will be strong, but brotha's got me straight jonesin....

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

one should save and spend wisely with at least 3 more yrs of a troubled economy on the fore front

Sha Boogie said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm always but, i do second torrance, I am going EASY on gifts this year.. but a little nookie is free!