Sunday, November 16, 2008

Commitment Issues

Aussie left about 20 minutes ago.

He told me he can't spend the night because his grandmother isn't comfortable with that idea She wants to make sure he is safe. He said he's been talking her down and she may warm up to the fact that he's spending the night in another woman's bed.

Here's the thing:

1. I was annoyed.

2. My face tells everything.

3. He mistook the annoyed look for longing and being upset.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've past the honeymoon phase.

I asked him how long we've been together. He said 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!!!!

It feels like months...months!!!

We talk all day everyday. We see each other almost everyday.

Tonight, the sex was good but it didn't satisfy me. We went twice. Instead of falling asleep, I'm just up: thinking.

When it boils down to it-

Wait for it -

I'm selfish and I don't want to deal with other people's shit.

Sad, but true.

He has issues. He has problems and things he need to resolve.

I understand why I dated older men. Because they generally have their shit together. Blair, Dame, and yes CornyGuy never once came to my place, never once said I was too loud or had issues with me spending the night. Their issues were a result of 20+ years dealing with women and their bullshit but not with their apartments or anything.

I don't want to say it, but Afroman spent plenty of nights here.

I guess its wrong to compare.

Chris Rock said women can't go back in lifestyle. He's right. I hate that someone else controls him and our range as a couple. Its cool to think possibilities are limitless, but this is not true.

This just leaves me wondering where else can we go as a couple if we've already hit the ceiling after 2 weeks?

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1 comment:

neemie said...

2 weeks?! that's it?!

two words: slow down.

you're killing it before it's had a chance to grow and setting yourself up for big disappointment.

you don't know each other well enough to be comparing him to other guys you've dated.

it's only been 2 weeks!!!