Tuesday, November 11, 2008

onward and upward....

there are certain rules of sistren that you do not break and i have found that chicks have been effin up.

1. if you like a dude and don't say anything and your friend gets him before you. forget about him. he has no face anymore.
gi, lp and i work together - if you haven't noticed. gi started dating this dude dejesus. as soon as she told me, i was happy for her. dude makes bank and he's about his business. lp wasn't so thrilled. gi told us in an e-mail. lp's response was...ummm.ok.

our mouths flew open.

friday, gi, lp, gi's friend from st.louis, and gi's gays all went out to bbq's. the boys wanted to hear all about gi's dude. do you know this heffa(lp) said that gi's dude is an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

why the f is she rating gi's man?

i didn't hear the comment, but the look on the boys' faces were priceless.

2. if you have a crush on this friend's man, despite him not having a face (See rule# 1), do not text him late-night about ANYTHING.

LP broke this rule and text him about something he told gi. Gi is pissed. We both don't understand why LP would meddle.

3. if your kisses a dude, holds hands with a dude, sleeps with him and it doesnt work out - he is dead to you.

Why the hell did BFF's roomie play sleepover with a dude she slept with and was like...oh it's cool. BITCH PLEASE!!!!

she also was having "deep personal conversations" with another dude BFF slept with and was about to move in with a different dude that asked BFF to marry her.

i swear, i want to feed this bitch some self-esteem pie.

there are more rules, but i'm at work and i can't want to smack chicks, want to smack my boss, want to smack clients all at the same time. it's a lot on my heart right now.


Eb the Celeb said...

the fact of the matter is... that if these rules have to be spoken out loud to that person... than they aren't really your friend in the first place.

Nina said...

you are so right, eb.

i'm just so in shock at this person doing that...the ones you least expect..