Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Layout

You likey?

I have my moods and I thought the old layout was kind of....juvenile.

I feel the itch to change my look ever so often.

If you're not on my blog list, it's because the widget was lost and I had to add everyone again. Or it means you haven't posted in a while and your url is not even in my browser (side eyes Jane, Liz, E, and Monie....) *ahem*

Thanks for your understanding.

Feel free to leave a comment to remind me to add you...much appreciated!


Young woman on a journey said...

i do like it. where did you get it...i need a change badly!

neemie said...

me likey the new layout. easier to read..where oh where did you get it?

Nina said...

I got it at Ourblogtemplates.com

It's great..I was able to customize every part of the layout, colors, placement of items..etc...check it out! :-)

Chris said...

Nice setup...I need to change mine too...i may do that tomorrow.

WiZ said...

good so far. gonna take a while to get use to the pretty-ness

Monie said...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know I need to but I'm too busyyyyy