Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slice of Schmoopie Pie

I've been alone for a very long time. AM and I broke up a year and a half ago. Yes, there were brief interludes: PhotogGuy, Blair, Dame, and a few others who never received monikers.

None of them stuck.

I like Dude#1, the one I met on POF.

He had me at hello. My attitude was so jaded. So very nonchalant about men and what they're about.

He smacked me. With....I don't know.

I like him.
He's cute. He's funny. He's smart.

Above all. I can be myself around him. He allows me to and its okay.

I'm not sure of his I will call him Aussie. Inside joke bet him and I.

I'm going to take a chance and let him in slowly.

We'll see.

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1 comment:

Monie said...

Yayyy for giving him a chance...