Monday, November 10, 2008

my thoughts...


i have retreated in my head

and lain on pillows soft and billowy

like clouds.

and i have chased pygmies and dwarves that seek to steal my very soul.

i have fought with princes on battleships and eaten the bitter seed of self-doubt

i have broken pomegranate and chewed on seeds of loved and marveled at the beauty of the sight before me.

i have bathed in the sea of nothingness with everything - a never ending pool of water.
i have dipped my body in willingly under the moonlight.

and i wait for the day i stop dreaming.

i wait for the time when this will end.
because it will.
because it always does.

because i will be whisked away on horses that seek to take me to work or some thing else.

i stop daydreaming.

1 comment:

WiZ said...

someone has been having a little too much to drink again