Monday, November 3, 2008

First Date

the short version, cause ya'll know my girlfriends picked my brain for every last detail.

So, I picked him up.

we went to bbq's.

he called me "this delicate little thing that is so beautiful, he can't stand it"

i melted.

we talked about what we want in life.

i blurted out that he was my boyfriend.

he didn't even blink.

we walked some more.

he did this corny thing where he was looking at my fingers, then held my hand. he took it all matter-of-factly.

we sat in the park.

he did a slight chip n dales dance move for me.

we hugged and snuggled in the cold.

we kissed. a lot.

i asked him he thought i was still delicate.

he said no. we laughed. but you are really beautiful.

he walked me home.

(i wanted him to come up and show me some more moves. but decided to keep the slut-taciousness to a minimum.

Date #2: Thursday.


WiZ said...

lol @ slut-taciousness. you sound like you had loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

you seem to like him, and im glad yall are getting to know eachother and whatnot. "delicate little thing" awwww.

this is e, btw [new blog].