Saturday, November 15, 2008


Aussie came over last night for spaghetti and scrabble.

He said the person to win gets oral first.

I kicked his ass.

[Sidetrack: He said on the way to my house he got into an altercation with a dude around his way and basically kicked his ass. He said the dude made some slick comments about him a while ago then disappeared. Then, resurfaced last night with some more shit to say. He was gonna leave it alone but then he remembered the rule of the streets: don't let a dude punk you. He punched him in a 3-punch combo. The dude fell. He said when people fall, the fight is over unless they try to come for you again. He left the dude on the floor. His friends were coaxing him to come to my house as previously planned. At first, he didn't want to tell me. He thought I would be upset. I was mildly amused. Aussie looks so harmless and sweet. His arms are huge and his back is strong, so no doubt he could fuck someone up. But, I could never watch him do that. He said he's been in a lot of fights. He knows how to protect himself. After the amusement, settled in the fear. I don't want the dude to come back and shoot him. He didn't seem worried. I laughed about how funny it must feel to step from that to come to my house and play Scrabble.]

He wanted to lay down. We lay on my bed spooning and talking. We started kissing and you know - whoever said you can get pregnant from kissing is telling the truth. Geeeez

He pulled my legs back and kissed and licked the cat. I applaud the brotha. He takes his time. He figured out what I like and he was doing it!

He fucked me nice and slow. It was different. We tried new positions. I was a different person. I was saying some nasty dirty things that I would never say had we been face to face with th lights on.

In short, it was amazing sex. After, we lay spooning. He said I was shaking like a scared puppy and asked if I was okay.

I said I was still tingling all over. He fell asleep holding me, snoring loudly in my ear. I fell asleep shortly after. He woke me up at 2am. He had to leave. He had to meet his dad to do some building work at 6am. He said I woke up. I was snoring in his ear. Lol

It was nice waking up with our bodies entangled. I rolled over as he got dressed and he saw my body in the light.

I have some experience sexually with men, but Aussie is the best of the pack. Kappa Guy was the worst, then Afroman, then Blair, and Dame. Dame and Blair are on the same level but if they could be combined into one man, it would be Aussie.

Dame ate me out and was sooo good. Blair had a mean stroke.

With all of these guys, except Aussie, was that after it was all done, I wanted to go again. I wasn't finished. He's the first man to lull me to sleep with his sex.

Fact is, I don't know where this is going. I don't know if we're compatible on many levels. I do want to see. I have questions, but I'm going based off of feelings and not obligation.

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Mr.Socialight said...

LOL. Im sitting wondering if this is a real story or not.
eating the cat.
fucking you slowly.
You certainly know how to paint a picture. lol

Btw, my uncle said what's good?

Justine Samantha said...

considering i've been slacking with reading your blog, i'm sitting here trying to catch up
is aussie short for australian guy? lol