Friday, November 28, 2008


i wish i could delete you

and act like
once upon a time,
your smile did not light up my heart

fairy tales only appeal to the little girl

in i

try to fight against you with every
fiber of my being

in love with you is detrimental
to my way of life

i suffocate against the memories of
what we used to be
what we could've been

and i

know this is for the better

but my hunger pangs
and my heart bursts
and i

wish that i knew better

or with that delete button

you would be eternally erased.
i don't want to love again

if this is the feeling of a well being dried up

the sahara is located in my chest cavity
and you
have found a better version of me

and i

wish that i could delete you

forget you ever existed

i whisper i hate and love you at the same time

the mind does not compute this
the heart kicks back syntax errors
for you i can not replace his face on yours

although i will try

and in the future there will be
a better version of you

until then....

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