Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red Panties and Silver Heels

Aussie came over tonight. I hadn't seen him since Wednesday when we literally - or rather, when I kept slapping and punching him. I was having a bad day. He took it like a champ, though.

I came to the door with 4 1/2 inch black shoes with silver heels,bra, red panties, and a black semi-sheer dress on. The lights were on. He had a bag with him. I pulled it off his shoulder, took off his coat, pulled off his shirt. Fell to my knees, took off his belt, unbuttoned his pants.

He stopped me.

Baby, I haven't seen you in a while. Let me see what you look like.

I got up.I stepped back. Confused. I did a spin for him.He kissed me and hugged me tight. You smell soo good. You always do. I shrugged.

I sat him on the couch. I knelt down in front of him, took off his shoes. I pulled off his pants, down his boxer briefs and looked him in the eyes, smiling before I started sucking his dick.

His eyes were closed, his toes were curled. I stopped.

No one is going to cum so early in the night.

I got up and bent over, giving him a peak of my red lace boyshorts.

Mmmm...I like that. I missed you, love muffin.

I said nothing. I wanted his tongue on my clit. He took the cue.

Damn, you're not playing tonight.I laughed.

I missed you.Now eat my pussy, I said looking in his eyes.

He pulled off my panties. They got stuck on my shoe. Lol. He pulled off my dress. I took off my bra. He kissed and massaged my breasts. He opened my legs and held them back by my ankles. He lapped and sucked at my clit. He penetrated me with his tongue.

Enough of that. Fuck me, I said, a little surprised at my tone.

He looked at me, smiling.

....To be continued

Aussie put my ass to bed. I can't even type the rest of this...Tomorrow folks...

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Kenya Says said...

Damn me jealous!

Chris said...

...again, wow!

Anonymous said...

"Baby, I haven't seen you in a while. Let me see what you look like. I got up.I stepped back. Confused." very normal, they need to appreciate, don't be confused. lol.