Thursday, March 26, 2009

childhood memories pt 2

now to counter that negative story i told...

this is not a childhood story, but it was the first happy memory that popped in my head.

when i was in college, i played rugby. these girls were tough as nails. some were skinny skinny and could tackle a girl my size. after we played a game..we would have a party at the captain's campus apartment and there would be beer and chips. the boys rugby team would come over along with our opponents. it was so much fin. mind you, it was just me and one other black chick there all the time..out of like 50 people. lol. we would make whoever scored a try in the game drink out of some random shoe...they would put beer, spit, pubic hair, boogers, and whatever time whipped cream in the shoe and they would have to drink it. it was disgusting. good thing i was in the scrum, aka, defense. it was my job to tackle people..yay! (can you imagine, out of all that came this girl who wears make-up everyday and 5 inch heels and all this? crazy...)

the last game/party we had. it rained really bad and there was geese poop everywhere. we were all covered in mud. i never drank beer but they gave me some vodka and i was tipsy. it was a rare sunny day in new england! woo hoo...we had this game where it was like baseball but you have to twirl around 10 times...they throw a ball at you and you have to hit it then run around the bases. who was up to bat? me.

all i remember was twirling. throwing the bat as the ball hit me in the forehead and then i ran, told this dude on the team he was a giant as i fell down in the grass.

it was the best day i ever had in college. lol

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