Monday, March 9, 2009

Quickie Post - How Annoying Are You!?!

So, as I was coming in to work this morning, this dude approached me.

"Sweetie, you are so beautiful. Please tell me what do I have to do to get your number?"

I gave it to him. Although, he was not my type. I figured, why not?

He was 5 ft 7 (read: short) and he looked a bit older.

"I'm a personal trainer at this gym (right next to my job) and I think seeing your pretty face just made my day to help me train these richy richy folks..."

His name was Raheem. He asked how old I was.


"You don't look a day over 15."

(is it me to get weirded out by guys that try to talk to me but remark about how young i look? like...if i look young, why did you try to talk to me...)

This was at 8:30am.

9:28am. I get a call from a weird number.
10:12am. Another call, same number.
12:27pm. Another call
12:46pm. Another call.

I go to lunch at 1pm. I called the number back.

It was Raheem. He picked up the phone saying his name was Mark.


I said...I'm Nina..

I think I have the wrong number. You sound cute. Do you want to talk to me anyway?

No. (obviously annoyed)Why were you calling me so much?

Don't flatter yourself. I got the wrong number, ma!

Whatever. *click*

I had to hang up because I was just sooooooooooooo over it at that point.

like seriously, wtf?