Monday, March 16, 2009

it all falls down

should change my name to ground
the way i let you walk all over me
and when does tired street
intersect with sick blvd
leading down avenues
and attitudes of

not giving a shit anymore

i am banging at the door of your heart
begging for you to

listen Listen LISTEN

to me.

i am standing on the brink of hope and indifference
i am drowning in this
abyss of loneliness
begging for you to be there.

and i am seeing you
in the glare of flourescent light

making each flaw
each break
each tear
each lie
each puzzle piece

fall at my feet...

an i am finally strong enough

to walk away.



Solomon said...

That is a good piece Nina!

You amaze me sometimes.

Monie said...

Looooooveeee this!