Monday, March 16, 2009


(i also found a whole book of poems dedicated to afroman)

(i wrote this when we first got together but didnt really call it a relationship...this was after YEARS of flirting and college and just circumstances keeping us apart)

you are like fresh air
I inhale you into drowning lungs

you revive me. entice me. tease me.
into paradise unknown

we run. we walk. we crawl.
cynical. am i?
really falling
in love
with you?

this platonic romance.
this untitled mastperpiece.
of bliss.
of analysis.

of thoughts that
cannot form.
words that have not been created.
of emotions that entangle and attach
themselves to you.
and to me.

do not let me thnk with my heart
do not allow fantasies to fill my head
with its
do not let me play the fool
for wondrous love.

it's too late
the shadows have taken form
there is no black or white

just the gray area

where we live.
written 12/08/2006

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