Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend ReCap

Friday night was hilarious...STD's was the first time debuting Betty (my wig) and they all loved it. Lol

Saturday...I hung out with Twin getting my stuff together for this ball...I'm excited and stuff but there's a weird collection of bumps on my cheek, chin, and neck. Either its my eczema flaring up or an allergic reaction. Hopefully, it clears up...I'm supressing a freak out. Twin and BFF are the only ones that call me out on my crap so hanging out with him was hilarious and educational in a way that only a gay man can make it so. We went to Canal St which is rewarding and infuriating. I picked up some spring essentials - huge sunglasses that cover half my face! Lol. Got home and I watched some movie...I forget and went to sleep.

Sunday...went to the 9am service and saw some faces I WANTED to see. Realized kids I used to see running around are now 17 year old,5"8, 185 pound football players and are taller than me - yes, all of them...ummm...yea. Lol

Got home. Drained. BFF slept on my couch for 2 hours before changing my lightbulbs for me. One more and I would've been completely in the dark :-)

BFF were driving us to her house after church, before we got to mine. This car pulled up next to us. These two guys were in the car. They were insisting she roll down the window.

Both of the dudes were fiiiiiine.

BFF was like..."Oh Jesus," to me.

She rolled down the window.

"Where you going?" she asked. (Side note: BFF is country and is very nice.)
"Church," he smiled - oh his smile!!

"Praise God!" she rolled up the window and sped off.

"Nina, that was nothing but the Devil sending caramel chocolate boys our way. He had the nerve to have a friend!"

"BFF, I thought that was God providing..."

"Oh girl, shush..."

"He was fiine though. Too bad I'm dating ugly boys from now on!"


BFF put me on to some cool new Gospel music. Gotta do a post about it soon.

BFF came over later and cooked after going home. Who makes spicy spaghetti. Idk. We watched Watchmen on bootleg. Pretty good. Went to sleep and became the hamster on the wheel again.

Weekends are never long enough!

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Young woman on a journey said...

lmao...africans make spicey spaghetti. lmao.

sounds like a good weekend. loving your spiritual journey! BFF sounds great. hope to meet her too. the wig is fantabulous.

how did the ball go?