Saturday, March 21, 2009


This weekend is shaping up to be adventurous. Chris orchestrated a nice surprise visit/dinner for Liz's birthday. It was delicious.

We ate and boogied at Swanky Bubbles, dancing and non-stop laughs. I met Chris' best friend, Jon and a bunch of Liz's friends and fam. The food was good...conversation was nice, and the fondue was yummy! It made me realize how shy I am in social situations with new people. This is a new revelation. I was never like that. I think its because I work ALONE in a cube...both jobs, 64 hours a week. Social skills need polishing...

Liz looked great! She had on her 4inch heels but ultimately kicked them off to dance and bug out with me and her friend D...who is NUTTY MCNUTTY!

Liz doesn't want to admit it but I'm taller! Its MY blog..I tell the I was on my tip-toes a lot to talk to people.

We went back to their house in an undisclosed NJ location (lol - not sure if they want you to know where they reside...) and
I really like their house! Its cozy and comfortable. I swear I want to steal half of Liz's shoe closet and her dressing area, too. Too bad her feet are hella small and you can't take parts of a building! *grr! Shakes fist to the sky*

We watched The Chapelle show...which was hilarious, of course, but made me sad because really- Dave Chapelle- what are you doing with your life?!

After, Jon, Liz, and Chris played guitar hero while my eyes were burning and half-way crossing from exhaustion. I'd been up since 6:25am. It was like 3am at that time..

I was out like a light as soon as I said funny is it that my whole body can rest comfortably on a love seat? Lol... alarm went off on my phone! (Sorry if I disturbed you, John!) I leapt up to turn it thing I remember, Liz was gently shaking me awake. We went to pick up her nephew who is such a cutie pie...and then she took me to Trenton to catch the train to Newark, NJ. It was perfect timing because the next train was coming in 3 minutes...

Wait! Why was the ticket agent DONE - full face of like 9am? And why did I feel like a hobo? Lol

The next step is getting my hair done..and hopefully winning some money tonight at this ball...I need to win.

All in all, thanks guys for having me! Chris was funny...although he can destroy me with his mind. Liz is always. Jon is funny, cute, and tall...(Lol) while, I'm still a weirdo...

Stay tuned!!!

P.S. I've been on this train for like 45 minutes just dreaming of a sausage biscuit for McDonald's, afraid to go to sleep because I have no idea where I am....

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Monie said...

Awwww sounds like a wonderful weekend!