Thursday, March 26, 2009

childhood memories

when i was 9, my dad got really sick. kidney disease runs in my family. he had a stroke while they were doing a procedure and the left side of his body became paralyzed. he befriended a man who helped him out a lot. he let me man come in the house and watch tv with him or sit in the yard and they would talk. i hated this guy. he was creepy. he always stared at me. i always felt like he was watching me to keep an eye on me for my dad but it felt like something more. one day, my dad was outside and the guy came in to use the bathroom. it was a saturday, i remember. my mom was out grocery shopping and i was still in the bed with my room door closed. he opened the door and was staring at me. i acted as though i didn't see him. i was terrified. i knew that he was going to do something to me. before he walked all the way inside, my father came in the house and was like wtf are you doing? he said he'd only been standing there for a minute and that it was an accident. i never saw him after that in my house or with my dad but i saw him around the neighborhood and he would always be watching me.

that's why i have a problem with people staring at me. i feel like creeped out and like they're about to do something to me. not sexual, but cause some bodily harm. it doesn't matter if it's a girl or guy.

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Young woman on a journey said...

that is really creepy. good thing your dad walked in.

its so hard being a parent. you really have to monitor who you let around your kids.