Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i had to ask g today to stop telling me crap about lp..because she's gonna make me cuss and smack her down.

this year has been one of the most painful in my life..
1. i fought tooth and nail to get a promotion
2.i was demoted...
3. i was demoted with a 45% pay cut
4. i was forced to get a 2nd job
5. now, i'm being forced to work 7 days a week

this is just professional things...

lp got her pay cut 10% and has to work 3 days in the call center which moves her out of her nice office...and she's complaining to me.

i was like, yo..g..if she comes to me one more time to say something, i'm going to go to someone who is paralzyed from the waist down and complain about my feet hurting.

i remember the sermon for sunday before last..God said love them in spite of...love from a distance looks like love up close...and i'm working on it.

but, i tell you! i want to get country and slap her down!

"plow the road!," as my auntie would say.

(which basically means...beat it!)

to make matters worse: chick is NOT looking for another job...smh


Young woman on a journey said...

lol. just take it easy!

JaeSpenc said...

Wow-- does she not realize that you're facing a WORSE situation? Sometimes you just wonder if people are so caught in their own WORLD why do they even BOTHER feigning interest in yours...