Friday, March 6, 2009

Kappa Guy Makes Another Appearance?

He text me last week. Randomly.

I miss you.


I think I might've text that to him. I've been popping off hard at the mouth lately. Indiscriminately, as well...

And so, during our ladies gchat conference today, I told Liz I wanted to trick someone into taking me out on a date this weekend. (Purely for comic relief- on the tricking part, that is...) He was the first person I thought of. I text him...and flirting ensued.

Ahhhhh...KG, I forgot about you...and your words...

He says all the right things really...

I said:
"Damn you Kappa men. You are so charming! :)"

He said:
"Lol, don't put me in any categories...I cud call u stunning and charming as well ms beauty U cud be trouble... But I like trouble anyway ;-)"

I said:
"My humblest apologies. I don't think I'm stunning so I'd probably just laugh or don't know if I'm trouble by now? I need to try harder"

He said:
"Lol, I already know u are. U can seduce me like ur gay friends say u do to them. U can talk me out of my pants, I better watch out. One look from those eyes and a switch of that nice ass of yours and im finished... ;-)U'd have me there everyday begging u to let me"

(Abt a year ago, this gay dude was like he'd hit it. I told him abt it and recently a couple of girls have been coming on a little too strongly)

I said:
"Wow, all of that, hunh? Well...I'm tempted to flex my muscle...but nah...I only use my power for good."

He said:
"Lol, yeah. I better chill before you have my face all up in it lickin ya stuff tonight. My tongue will be full of clit... ;-)."

I said:
"And here I thought it was innocent flirting...fancy that?"

Sometimes a girl needs her ego stroked...4 months without sex, she needs other things stroked, too.

I'll be good. I promise.
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JaeSpenc said...

Aren't those text sessions the best?! Even if they lead to NOTHING they give you those nether-feelings :) lmaooo

have fun girl... you're only young once... not sayin' you gotta DO IT ALL but do as MUCH as you like w/o inhibition :)

Chris said...

I'm proud of you for leaving it as a text...sometimes wackards pop out to throw you off course...I know that's how it was with me. Everytime I was getting my -ish together, some broad would wander into my life...I guess I'm just saying to be careful, that's all.