Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, I'm feeling like a complete loser. I purposefully left weekend plans at a minimum because my mom was to have her knee surgery yesterday. She didn't. The doctor cancelled 5 hours before due to a family emergency. So, ever since I was saying...let's go out to all my friends...

No one was really biting.I really wanted to do something straight because yes, I do want to date people and I'm not going to meet them at balls. So, whatever, all day Saturday, I'm texting my straight girl friends to go out..all 2 of them.

They're kinda playing me to the left. Finally, BFF says yes at 6:30. She was on her way home, needed to shower. Our high school friend En was going to go out on the Lower East Side and invited her out. I was game. She would call me at 7:30. 8pm, I call her. Her ex-husband is in DC and wanted her to see him tomorrow. He was buying her ticket. She was booking her transportation.

I kept asking, what time, what plans specifically.

At 9ish, she says...oh well...I have to get up early because I need to get to DC by noon to spend the day with ex-hubby. My dad wants to go out to dinner. If you come, he might pay for half of your meal.


I was pissed! I want to cut loose! I want to drink and talk openly about what's going on. I haven't really SEEN her. Why would I go to dinner with her and her dad?

I don't think that's something I want to do, I say as calmly as possible.

Well, I'm hungry and I want to go eat. (BFF says) Let me hit the shower and call you back.

Must be a long shower because its an hour and a half later and no call yet!

I'm trying not to be mad but I really am because I just don't think it's right. Needless to say, everyone else pretty much didn't answer their phones except those who don't have money. I'm just laying on my couch in the dark twitting and blogging like a loser on a Saturday night.

Interviewing for new friends because I refuse to have the spring/summer be like this. Oh hell no! Inquire within. 3 requirements: have disposable income, be sane, be upbeat.
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Young woman on a journey said...

you are not a complete loser. i've had many a saturdays like that. usually, i end up going to bed early and convincing myself that it was good to rest anyway. too bad i wasn't in nyc...cause i would return phone calls and definitely be up for going out!