Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Superior GChat Moments Today!

me: soooooooooooo yw!
yw: what's up
me: nuttin
just wanna bother u
yw: lol
me: me 2!
so yes...
yw: yeah, i was talking about you
me: oh
yw: lmao

me and liz

me: the last concert i went to was prince...(dont laugh)
Liz: i actually think Jill scott was the last
me: and i still had an afro
me: that was how long it was..
Liz: i am jealous
me: i like prince
there were some die hard fans there
and i was a bit scared
it was a free concert in bryant park, started at like n alicia, bff, were there at like 3am
Liz: lol
i would have been there too
cuz i loves me some prince
with his little self
me: haha!
women were like..i'd do him
i was like..clearly..the sexuality is ambiguous
what about that is sexy to you?
Liz: lol
i dunno
me: lol
Liz: he has the je ne sais quoi
me: oh, liz!

Liz: he just is dammit
me: don't tell me...
i cant even type it...
Liz: listen... he could get it with his high-heeled boots
and everything
me: omg!
Liz: i think you have to be over 25 to understand
me: he wears clear heels!
Liz: purple rain
me: don't try to pull age on me!
Liz: yes and he press n curls be better than mine
me: i saw the movie...and i love the song
Liz: he looks like he has all types of cotraptions in his house

me: i think we hit a milestone in our friendship..i dont think we can fo back from this
yes...i remember darling nikki
Liz: lol
you still love me dammit
me: *go back
of course
all love and jokes
Liz: you're not even curious?
me: i think i would giggleonce i saw his lil chest
Liz: lol @ lil chest
i would giggle
but he would probably have your ass in check
me:'ve given it thought
Liz: he just look like he would be like shut up bitch
me: oohhh
i would have to see how he kisses
if he cant kiss
game over
and he would have to have "pussy control"
Liz: uhm he has a song but that title
you do know this right
me: that's why i put itin quotes
Liz: *by not but
me: *it in
Liz: lol
i thought so but had to make sure...
me: have a lil faith in me....
Liz: you know small people are angry
i think he is probably a beast in bed
me: omg..i have to stop bursting out in spontaneous laughter
sadly, we would never know
you just know how some men are like...pillow princesses everything for me bc i'm sooo fine
Liz: hahahaaa
but he seems more freaky then prissy to me...
me: not prissy, i meant lazy...
Liz: yeah that would be wack
however in my prince world he is not like that
the world in my head

me: does he have chest hair
in your prince world
Liz: yeah
but i don't think it's taco-meat-ish
me: ewww
does he perm it too
Liz: lol
you stop disrespecting my prince dammit
me: i apologize
i sorry i sorry
you laughed though
Liz: how would you like it if i was talking about common letting erykah do homo things to him?
you wouldn't
i did laugh
but it's ruining my image of him a sexual elite
me: oh my gawwwd!
that's just wrong
how can you even equate common and prince?
Liz: LOL
me: you cant
Liz: i can and did!
me: doesnt make it right
Liz: lol
me: lol
Liz: end jutifies the means
me: besides, common....his sexuality is not ambiguous
Liz: it was when he was wearing knit pants and shyt
me: i think i could see rick james being a
Liz: erykah had him out there
me: she did
which proves that his sexuality was in tact
he did it for his woman
Liz: rick james has definitley tasted a wang in his day
with his glitter lip gloss
me: omg!!!!
"tasted a wang"
i'm done!
Liz: i'm saying
me: i lost all concentration
Liz: haha


Anonymous said...

I'm mad at the dialogue about Prince, especially discussing whether or not he perms his taco meat.

This was hilarious. lol.

WiZ said...

wtf.....and i thought i was idle

WiZ said...


Young woman on a journey said...

lmao. i knew you would find someone to have idle discussion with!

Nina said...

@ yw, you say it like it's a bad thing!

EDE said...

Y'all had me laughing so hard I'm late for my 10AM meeting!!!! Someone sent me a nasty arse email and I was pissed and ready to kick butt. After reading this blog, I laughed so hard and so much I can't remember what I was sooo pissed about. Thanks for making my morning, Nina & Liz!