Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slow Down Babe...

"Slow down baby. You running too fast. You got your head in the air when your feet on the gas...." - India.Arie

2nd job's computers went down. I couldn't deal, so I left. I was sure I had my iPod...I got 4 blocks down the road to realize...oop! Nope...

That song came to mind.

Did I mention last week. I worked til 10. Checked my bag. No iPod. Checked job #2. No iPod. Took a cab (!!) across town to the daytime. No iPod. I was panicked! I searched thoroughly and it was in my bag! I went into the train station after figuring a cab home would break the bank. The train came. Awesome! Wait...I got on the one going in the wrong direction. (Bollocks!!) Got off the train. Came home super duper mad at myself!

Needless to say, it was a Thursday and I was EXHAUSTED!

Ummmm...................crazy dude who said I wasn't black enough emailed me today.

"Hey. It was nice speaking with you the other day. When will I hear from you again?"

He's whaaaaaack! He's such a lame.

Firstly, WHY must I call you? I'm not into pursuing the fellas. Let me correct that, I'm not into the CHASE. I chased Afroman for 4 years. What an idiot I was!

I will make it known I'm interested. You let me know you're interested. We'll have a mutual understanding and take it from there. I'll put in effort but the moment I feel like there is no compromising EVER, I'm like no mas!

I don't liked to be chased. If I'm not returning calls/e-mails/texts/smoke signals...ummm, yea.

I said all of that to say...(sorry...had to vent)...he wants me to chase him...which would be OK if he gave me an INCLINATION he even LIKED me and my kind..

*grumble grumble*

I mean...I'm not completely sold that I'm not wasting my time.

Also, he scares me. He was talking about "putting me in my place." How I shouldn't behave a certain way with my man.

Umm..I've been "put in my place" before. It got me a swollen eye, a purple bruise on my arm, and a split lip. No mas!

I was 17 and had more sense than Rihanna apparently.

"Girl, you just be walking into situations. Read the roadsigns! You always want to give people a chance! He don't deserve one!" My twin said.

I guess that was him shaking

Needless to say, this is what I wrote back:

"I don't think you'll be hearing from me again. I'm not sure there is enough chemistry there. At least, not enough to pursue anything further. "

I guess that was very corporate of me. *smh*

I told Twin about my foot predicament...

"You're pitiful. Your feet hurt in flats. They hurt in heels.

Might as well wear heels and be glamorous..."

The gays! I tell you!


"There's no one like you, though, I love your crazy ass..."

And you know this...MAYUN! .

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Trish said...

Good you set him straight. Men like that kill me. If he acts like he doesn't like your type then he should pursue a type he does like.

Liz said...

LMAO @ Bollocks! muahahaha... that is my word of the day!

WiZ said...

i have a song for you....Daniel Powter - Bad Day