Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Do We Know You're not Crazy?

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with YW and 2 of her friends.

They are amazing!

So, before I could meet them, I almost got hit by a bus to go to the train. Well, the trains weren't running from Utica Ave to Jay St. So,I took another bus...a 15 minute ride took 35. I get on the train to catch another train and I'm freaking out like....Damn! I hate being late. I hate people waiting for me....

To my surprise and delight, they just started shopping before I got there...yay!

YW is so beautiful and sweet as pie!

And she's apart of the short girls crew! Yay!!! She's also a member of the Curvy Girls United movement...I'm so jealous of her small waist and hips! Ugh!

Her friends were hilarious especially "l" who was basically full of random questions....Like...what do you write about on your blog? is it like a daily diary? Well, how do you know she's not crazy, YW? She could have something in her bag!


The 4 of us turned 34th street upside down. I want to list the stores we went to...but we went everywhere!

Ladies and gentlemen...a milestone!

I bought a dress from Forever 21. Being apart of th CGU movement, you know that certain stores are for accessories only. I block out that they have clothes because I don't even want the inkling to feel guilty about not being able to fit them....but there was one dress...beautiful orange maxi dress.

YW said if it were a Large, she would get it. She's a size smaller than me and so I thought...hell, if it could fit her, why not me? I took the plunge and tried it on. It looked great on both of us- our skin tones are very similar. We had to get it. We trapezed our way further up 34th street to Strawberry which was a bust for clothes. I did buy 2 Converse-type sneakers - they were $10!! This was after YW gave me a look for trying on these killer heels...they were so cute, It brings the "flats" count to 5..I have to give up my dirty white Chucks... :-(

We went and got food because seriously, any power shopper can really shop til ya drop.

I re-discovered the Frosty. YW's friend "I" said that her Chipotle food was too wet. We took pictures in the bottom part of Wendy's that had the most disgusting bathroom and the entire floor smelled like a dirty mop.

"I" wanted to take pictures with a Starbuck's cup in her hand to make the Africans at home she settled for pics in front of a Mc Donald's...hahaha....

We tackled Rainbow. YW got some super cute jeans..I bought the same pair of jeans she was wearing...and a long tank so I can feel like a hipster. Lol.

Our feet were hurting so so so so bad. We chilled out in Starbucks for a moment and then bought their tickets back to DC which "I" was trying to pressure me into going back with them...

I really wanted to go but I couldn't. I have plans tomorrow, I just can't break.

All in all, we had soooo much was like hanging out with an old friend.

Stay tuned...Liz and I are going to road trip it down to DC for a day next month. Yay!!!

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Young woman on a journey said...

We had so much fun together! seriously, Thank you sooooooooo much for meeting up! you are so pretty and so awesome, and so mature and so sweet! You are totally my new younger sister! I love you! Thanks again!