Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus Freak

Yo, stress is gangsta! It makes you kill yourself silently...

So, we all know that I have the competition on Saturday. My mom's birthday is today. She's having knee surgery on the 27th. My aunt whom I dislike strongly is coming to town to help her for a week. My oldest sis is fighting for her life in Bermuda and preparing to go out there relies heavily on cash I don't have and just the stresses of regular life have been weighing heavily on my shoulders. Swirling through my mind, I have not been able to think of anything else but money and my skin...and how everything will come through. The hardest thing to do, most times is let go and let God, as they say.

I had a crazy headache all week...I'm sure I gave myself a couple of wrinkles and gray hair.

My smile was pretty much, non-existent...which if you've met me...I'm all about the smile. It breaks up the serious NewYorker face permanently etched onto my SKIN! lol

I prayed to God all day yesterday..sporadically..when an issue popped up in my head..I prayed. My skin...I love my skin and it seemed like it was betraying me. I prayed. I planned to drink 16 glasses of water...I got up to 10 and my stomach starting cramping so bad....I was drinking it back to back to back...not good.

I woke up this morning and every part of my face is clear...except my chin, but it's relatively a non -issue.....I called my mom and sang to her, Happy Birthday. I was running late and had to pick up my sweater from the cleaners. She drove me unexpectedly. I was bumpin Mali Music...the dude is like a Gospel version of Bilal. Dopeness....

I hopped on the train, transferred to another and waited 20 minutes!!!! When I got on the Q this morning, it was so crowded..I was literally crammed in between people to where I couldnt hold on to anything but I didnt fall because we were all packed in tightly. THAT my friends, is the genuine NY experience...

All the while, bumping my Mali was funny and not annoying as I'm sure other people felt.

I got to work and sat down with my banana, Snapple Peach Tea, and I do every morning and felt an overwhelming joy from the Lord. Like...the weight is off of my shoulders. I'm smiling...even at obnoxious white chick.

I'm on my 4th glass of get that chin

God is good, folks!

Be blessed! :-)