Monday, March 16, 2009

Open Your Eyes

(I promised militant poetry...)

I wanna write a poem that stimulates minds
that goes with the times
cause i'm a plastic spoon
trying to be a silver knife
to cut thru red tape
& show active hate
& how we still have
kkk, cia, and an fbi
but, damn, has anyone seen
bla, bpp, or the young lords**

and we support presidents & call them
black to
glorify their erections
and how about those texans, promotin mass misconceptions
whio give tax cuts to the rich and famous
some die with a name. we gone die nameless...
like our ancestors
when in amerikkka, the only trickle down theory is

so yea,
i wanna write a poem that doesnt look too kind
on having a black body
white mind
cause i wanna trace my roots
to teach the youth
but our chapter ends @ the middle passage

my people, we sitting here laughin..
cause we point 1 finger
but 3 are staring back at us
do we still believe in God we trust?
when we're faithless
faceless to this system
willie lynch predictions
still livin

our complaceny is a great mystery to me
{[parts indecipherable]
i wrote this poem to stimulate minds
so wake up my sleeping warriors
smell the roses
open your eyes!

**written in 2005
**BLA- Black Liberation Army, BPP - Black Panther Party

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