Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where Are Your Parents, Pt 2?

So, I was walking out of the train on Thursday. It was 11pm.
This kid was coming into the train station. Like 10 kids came outta no where and started wailing on him. It didn't look like he was hurt. The attendant called the cops. The kids ran off. He went outside looking for them.

2 seconds later, it happened again. To another kid.

I was very tired and wasn't quite sure if I was seeing things or if it was really happening.

Plus, it was bizarre because I had my iPod blaring Common's new album and was feeling all good on the inside about black men and the sexiness Common holds in just one pinky. Then...boom.

Freaky stuff man.

Immediately though, the iPod went in the pocket and I was highly alert. I'm the same height as those kids. They could easily mistake me for one of their peers. How do I look getting beat up by like 9th graders? Lol

One of the older ladies that was next to me when it happened said it looked they were playing. Poppy cock! When I was 16, I got robbed by 3 people in broad daylight. Yoked up from behind and they ran my pockets. The man who saw it said we looked like we were playing, too.

What I want to know is - what is the definition of playing? Because where I come from, whenever there is any inclination of violence, it was serious. Unless it was dodge ball. We called that reflex training...ha!
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WiZ said...

Times have changed from back in our days. Where has the jump rope and hula hoops gone ????